Barrett and I decided to pick up some plane tickets to Nepal, I happened to mention the idea one night and we just kind of went with it.

How Long?

The real question we had to ask ourselves was “how long?”. We found round trips for the same low price for a month, and for two months. We slept on it and had many discussions. I managed to convince Barrett that two months was best. More bang for the buck! yah know? Most tickets averaged around 1.2k on the low end for a round trip, and upwards of 2-3k for the nicer ones. We found ours for, wait for it….$600! And to make matters even better, ours just so happens to have a 23 hour layover in Guangzhou China, (which means we can just get a transit visa)

Once we had bought the tickets, we began thinking about it….2 months, hmm, thats a quite a bit of time! What are we going to do?

My first thought was to visit Everest Base Camp. Its at about 15,000 elevation. After a little bit more research we realized that this is not quite feasible, IE, trekkers are not allowed to sleep there, and second we don’t have enough money (don’t want to spend money) for the actual camping gear we would need. We decided instead to trek through the mountain and stop at the last main village before Everest Base Camp, Tengboche. It measures in at around 13,000 feet, which is high enough for altitude sickness, so we will have to tread carefully! What excites me about Tengboche is its rather large Buddhist monastery, hopefully we will get to stay there with the monks.  The picture below details a rough plan of our 8 day trek from Kathmandu to Tengboche.